Hilda Canter-Lund Annual Photography Award

Hilda Canter-LundThis award was established by the British Phycological Society in recognition of Hilda Canter-Lund, whose stunning photographs will be known to many members.  Her photomicrographs of freshwater algae combined high technical and aesthetic qualities whilst still capturing the quintessence of the organisms she was studying.  

The BPS Council offers an Annual Award (currently £150) for a photograph on a phycological theme that best combines these informative, technical and aesthetic qualities. It can be of a micro- or macroalga, marine or freshwater, taken using any photographic medium.  The competition is open to all (not just BPS members) with a closing date of 11 July 2014.   Shortlisted photographs will be placed on the BPS website and the winner will be announced at the Annual Meeting.

Here are some particularly fine examples of Hilda's work (click on pictures for larger images; left, Euglena; right, Dinobryon)