The Phycologist and BPS Newsletter

All back issues can now be downloaded (newest issues topmost) in PDF format. Some scans are very large (anything up to 35 Mb), so you may need a fast connection.

The Society is particularly grateful to all the Editors of the British Phycological Society Newsletter and The Phycologist for the time and effort they put into this onerous task. Each is specified after an issue they edited. The Society is also grateful to D.J. Garbary, M.H. Hommersand, J.W. La Claire, II, M. Murphy and W.F. Prud'homme van Reine, who kindly provided missing issues for scanning.

Early newsletters (No. 1-6) were in the now largely defunct "foolscap", a paper size (approximately 8 x 13 inches) that was widely used by public bodies in Britain and Ireland, and which does not lend itself to modern A4-type scanners. I will attempt to scan these on a larger scanner eventually.